East Croydon, London


Network Rail

Main Contractor:

BAM Nuttall Ltd


Mott McDonald


Network Rail



Completion Date:



The footbridge is a replacement for the underground walkways and is to connect the existing three platforms and potentially a fourth platform island.

The purpose of the bridge is to reduce congestion during rush hour by improving distribution along the platform; it is also to increase capacity at the East Croydon station, as according to statistics East Croydon is the 12th busiest railway station in England, serving over 27 million passengers a year.

Severfield fabricated the 793 tonnes of structural steelwork, comprising 612 tonnes of bridge steelwork and 181 tonnes of piers, lift shafts and staircases. The main bridge steelwork was erected onto temporary support trestles provided by the main contractor and once fully assembled the bridge structure was launched over the railway into its final position by others. The secondary steelwork was erected at night during station closures.

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