Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to be recognised as world-class leaders in structural steel, known for our ability to deliver any project, to the highest possible standards.

Lostock Facilities 1


As ambitious, innovative leaders in a demanding and ever developing industry, we will use our collective strengths and resources to build the capacity required to deliver the structures of the future.

Thameslink Viaduct 3


There’s a reason it’s known as “safety first”. We make no apologies for the fact that profit and loss, deadlines and headlines, all come second to making sure everyone goes home safely. Every day.

Customer focus
Our clients are paramount in all that we do. We are here to understand their requirements and meet their aspirations. Together we will deliver projects of which we can all be proud.

We operate in a complex and challenging industry, one that often requires innovative thinking and a flexible approach to deliver successful outcomes. The one thing we’ll never compromise on though, is our integrity, which ensures we’re able to maintain the exceptionally high standards we set for ourselves.

We may move with the times, but our long and rich history means that we have a few old-fashioned beliefs. One of those beliefs is that you stand by your word. When Severfield say we’ll deliver, whatever challenges lie ahead, you can depend on us to deliver, and to the highest possible standard.

Do the right thing.