M20 Junction 10a – East and West Interchange Bridges

The installation of steel beams for the East and West Interchange Bridges for The Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, M20 Junction 10a (J10a), is part of a major improvement to reduce congestion and improve road safety.

The beams you see on our video here are three paired bridge sections in weathering steel. Each section measures 42 metres long, 4 metres wide and weighs 94 tonnes.

To safely dispatch the sections to site, Severfield used 14 heavy transport vehicles and required the assistance of police escorts.

M20 M20






Fabrication for these sections started back in September 2018 and assembly will be completed during the weekend of 25 January 2019 with an overall installation time of around 102 hours.

The M20 J10a project has been one of the first to fully benefit from Severfield’s multi-million pound investment in the latest place girder manufacturing technology using our ‘T & I’ line.

The full video is also available on our Video Hub.