Result of General Meeting and Change of Name

Severfield-Rowen plc is pleased to announce that at its General Meeting held today, the resolution to change the Company’s name from ‘Severfield-Rowen plc’ to ‘Severfield plc’ was duly passed.

The Company’s TIDM (ticker symbol) “SFR” will remain unchanged, as do its ISIN number and SEDOL code. Dealings under the name “Severfield plc” are expected to commence at 08:00am on Monday 19 May.

Shareholdings are unaffected by the change of name and share certificates in the name of Severfield-Rowen plc should be retained, as they will remain valid for all purposes. New share certificates issued hereafter will bear the name Severfield plc.

The Board believes the name change simplifies and modernises the Company’s proposition across the full spectrum of its stakeholder universe and reflects the strength of the overall brand.

Full details of the voting results will be available on the Company’s website