Severfield Double Bridge Installation

Over the weekend our site team have been incredibly busy with successfully completing two bridge installations. The first accomplishment took place on the M20 Junction 10A project. In preparation for the installation, the east bridge and concrete planks had previously been erected during a 51 hour motorway closure on the weekend of the (11/01/19).

The braced pair plate girders were assembled at our Lostock site and then transported to the M20 site, 24 hours before the final installation took place. On site, the girders were erected using a 500 tonne mobile crane with the concrete planks using 55 tonne cranes during the motorway closure (25/01/19). The instalment of the west bridge took an impressive 30 hours, enabling the motorway to re-open early.

Bridge InstallationsThe second installation of weekend takes us to the Eastwick & Sweetwater H16 Bridge project. This bridge is to give pedestrians and cyclists access over the River Lea Navigation canal. Due to site constraints and limited lay down space the bridge was assembled in the build area.

The assembled bridge was an impressive 37 metre long x 5.4 metre wide and 97 tonne in weight. 4 hours prior to the canal closure the bridge was transported from the build area to the erection site via SPMTs. It was then installed during the closure of the canal within 3 hours.