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Robust, steel-framed modules that house critical systems equipment such as electrical switchgear

Severstor modular housing designs are performed to suit the requirements of our customers. Although bespoke, they are suited to factory manufacturing, which allows for established and repeat processes to improve on efficiency each time - also meaning we can be consistent with our high manufacturing and quality standards.


Our ability to offer full manufacturing means that we are able to utilise our workforce more efficiently as they are within a familiar and controlled environment.

Where adverse weather conditions could potentially affect levels of production on a construction site, by manufacturing at our facility we reduce the risk of programme delays.

The off site manufacturing of the Severstor modular housings means less disruption to construction sites for other trades, and to suit client programme requirements, we also have the flexibility and capacity to store modular housing equipment at our facility - ready for when the client requires delivery and integration into the project.

Client project and inspection teams are able to visit our manufacturing facility - which has an outstanding health and safety record.



We conduct regular internal audits on our processes and investigate any non-conformance, including incidents and near misses, so we can drive the health and safety culture of our business forward. Our manufacturing facility for our modular housing units complies with the high standards of health and safety requirements set at group level across Severfield and due to the vast majority of our work being carried out at our facility, there are less personnel on site, reducing the risk of accidents.


The off site manufacture and construction of the units minimses the impact to the environment surrounding a construction site, with less heavy vehicles and machinery required on site.

Construction sites can cause disruption to neighbouring communities, with vehicles travelling to and from site - causing not only increased noise and air pollution but also potentially contributing to congested traffic and delays; by using offsite construction a planned delivery time and date can reduce the issues especially in urban areas.

Our ability to offer full manufacturing enables us to calculate material requirements more accurately, resulting in minimal waste.

Market sectors

Our Severstor modular housing designs can cater for a number of sectors and requirements, such as:

  • Nuclear
  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power generation and STOR
  • Power DNO
  • Rail
  • Data centre
  • Acoustic housings
  • Generator housings and enclosures
  • Compressor housings and enclosures

Some of the products we can house are:

  • Switch rooms
  • Control and instrument equipment housings
  • Portable relay rooms (PRR)
  • Data rooms
  • Railway equipment modules

Our turnkey solutions:

  • Experienced project management team
  • in-house design and engineering
  • Safe customer equipment storage
  • Bespoke fully pre-equipped packaged equipment solutions
  • Module E & I fit out
  • Mechanical install of customer equipment
  • Interconnecting cabling of customer equipment

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