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Fulham FC Riverside Stand

Severfield working on Fulham FC Riverside Stand

For decades we’ve been building the future. As the UK’s leading structural steel experts, we’ve forged our legacy in some of the most iconic buildings in the country.

If you’re seeking a project partner with expertise and unrivalled design and production capabilities, then our team is here to bring your vision to life.

Our sectors

We’ve had the privilege of working on many incredible projects across diverse sectors.

You might be surprised to see just how far-reaching the Severfield legacy is. Thanks to our specialist expertise and proven track-record for delivery, we’ve had the opportunity to work on essential infrastructure such as airports, bridges and warehouses, right through to Olympic stadia and high-rise, mixed-use developments like The Shard.

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Severfield sectors and projects
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Bringing people together is what incredible buildings and spaces do best, so we’re passionate about the creation of our world-class stadia, arenas and leisure space.

Ordsall Chord
Ordsall Chord

Connections are essential - we want to work, live, travel and interact seamlessly, so our transport offering includes everything from foot and road bridges, to stations, airports, airport terminals and car parks.

Three Snowhill Birmingham
Three Snowhill

Our commercial projects cover broad and exciting projects from offices, and event spaces, to shopping centres - and much more.

Dublin Waste to Energy Plant
Dublin Waste to Energy Plant

Our industrial work covers projects for essential infrastructure such as warehousing and major retail distribution centres - important spaces that keep the country supplied with must-have products and goods.

Manchester Engineering Campus Development
Manchester Engineering Campus Development

We’re proud to work on vital projects such as hospitals, colleges, universities and schools.

Our projects

Our work is built into our nation’s skylines, infrastructure and the iconic buildings you know and love.

We’re thrilled to showcase some of our projects here, so you can get a feel for how we forge our expertise in to buildings and structures that have incredible impact, are built to last and become integral to the places and communities they serve.

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Wimbledon No.1 Court Retractable Roof

Our Products

Our growing suite of products are here to cater for a whole range of requirements - from expertly designed safety systems, to industry-leading materials handling technology.

The continual development of our products enables us to supply efficient and innovative solutions for our customers.

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Severfield products
A reliable and controlled silo discharge system
A reliable and controlled silo discharge system



Find out more about our work, our people and the projects we’re working on right now.

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November 25, 2021

Severstor awarded rail project

Our Severstor team within Severfield (Products & Processing) have recently been awarded a rail project for one of the UK's largest OEM Companies