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Our Story

We’re at the vanguard of creating iconic buildings and infrastructure, but behind our successes are years of hard work, careful planning and the expansion of our offering to ensure we stay at the forefront of our industry. Our team has worked hard over the past several decades to grow, acquiring like-minded brands that boost our capabilities and ensure we can deliver on a whole variety of world-leading projects.

Here’s a quick look at some of our highlights over the years:

  • 1978 – Severfield starts out as Severfield-Reeve
  • 1980 – Severfield moved to Dalton, opening its first production line
  • 1988 – Severfield became a public company
  • 1990 – Severfield took over an established steelwork erection company to expand the business and its expertise
  • 1995 – Severfield got listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • 1996 – Severfield acquires J N Rowen Ltd and expands Dalton to four production lines
  • 2001-2003 – Addition of a Fabsec plated section processing line at Dalton and the acquisition of Watson Steel. Two lines were custom-built at Dalton for the environmentally controlled application of intumescent fire protection paint, now referred to lines 7 and 8
  • 2002 – Dalton increases to five production lines
  • 2005 – Acquisition of Atlas Ward Structures Ltd
  • 2006 – Further expansions at Dalton with the addition of lines 9 and 10
  • 2007 – Acquisition of Fisher Engineering Ltd
  • 2010 – JSW Severfield Structures Ltd in India officially opens
  • 2014 – Severfield and it’s individual companies rebranded to all become known as Severfield
  • 2017 - Severfield Europe BV formed
  • 2018 - European office set up in Zevenbergen, the Netherlands
  • 2019 – Acquisition of Harry Peers & Co Limited
  • 2021 - Acquisition of DAM Structures
  • 2022 - Moved to a divisional structure seeing the creation of Severfield Nuclear and Infrastructure, formally known as Harry Peers
  • 2023 - Acquisition of Voortman Steel Construction Holding, including Voortman Steel Construction, Design & Build, and De Haven, headquartered in Rijssen, the Netherlands