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Silo Bulk Material Handling Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve

Severfield PRV350 combined pressure and vacuum relief valve is primarily designed for protection of silos from damaging over and under pressures encountered during filling and emptying.

The valve is available as standard in carbon steel with 304 or 316 by special order. Valves are supplied with gasket and bolts and come with our standard grade EPDM gasket for the joint and valve plates. Severfield PRV (Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve) is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

Sized for 13000m³/hour outflow

Sized for 5000m³/hour inflow

Quick release cover

External springs - high tolerance to dust

Large capacity 350mm diameter with long travel springs

Fully compliant with HSE guidelines (0-9540853-0-2)

Suitable for pressures up to 900mm w.g. and vacuum up to 250mm w.g.

Silo Bulk Material Handling Pressure Relief Valve