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Our Severstor units are robust, steel-framed modular equipment rooms and housings, that have been designed to protect critical systems equipment.

There are a number of uses for Severstor modular plant and switchgear housings. Predominantly, Severstor units help to provide protection for portable relay and switchgear rooms, control and instrument equipment, substation and railway modules, as well as data and battery storage systems.


Modular equipment rooms

Often used as switchgear enclosures and modular plant rooms, Severstor modular units are supplied to a wide range of OEMs, EPCs and end users in the Nuclear, Power, Oil, Gas, Data Centre, and Rail sectors, (to name a few) and ensure the safety and protection of systems from weather, tampering and more.

Fully-Managed Modular Housing Services

Because we can manage the complete modular housing solution - all fully tested and delivered to site - you can concentrate on the larger project scope knowing you’re in safe hands. Our full turnkey solution includes:

  • Project management and equipment integration
  • Mechanical & Electrical design
  • Ancillary steelwork structures, stairs and platforms
  • Fabrication
  • Structural steel design
  • Painting
  • Electrical first fit and cable containment
  • Mechanical install of electrical equipment
  • Interconnecting cables of electrical equipment
  • HVAC systems
  • Fire and gas systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Switchgear supply
  • Site installations

Applications - How to use Severstor

There are a number of uses for Severstor modular plant and switchgear housings. Predominantly, Severstor units help to provide protection for portable relay and switchgear rooms, control and instrument equipment, substation and railway modules, as well as data and battery storage systems.

As flexible, modular housings, Severstor units can help protect a variety of technology and hardware from accidental damage, weather, fire, blasts, and tampering or malicious damage.

  • Portable relay rooms are self-contained units which tend to house several interconnected substations. Severstor is ideal for use with portable relay rooms because it can protect the equipment within, providing a strong, reliable external housing which boosts protection from the elements or accidental damage.
  • Switchgear rooms need to house crucial electrical equipment and as such they need maximum protection from damage and adverse weather. Severstor is a popular choice for housing these units safely and effectively.
  • Control and instrument equipment need effective protection and Severstor is the ideal modular equipment housing to provide safety, security and protection from damage.
  • Traction substations and railway equipment modules need adequate protection from tampering, weather and accidental damage. Severstor is ideally placed to provide a safe, effective solution.
  • Remote instrument enclosures benefit from Severstor’s protection, helping to keep them secure and operational.
  • Data and battery equipment need protection from a full array of things, including weather, damage and of course, from a security perspective. Severstor can meet each one of these requirements with ease.

What sectors can Severstor supply?

Severstor modular equipment rooms can be used in a variety of sectors. Because these units are modular enclosures, they can be created to fit your requirements and tailored to protect your systems, switchgear equipment and data. We have worked with a diverse array of industries to date, which include:


Severstor is ideal for control and switchgear housings, ensuring safety when equipment might be being housed near tracks or railway crossings. We are certified to supply prefabricated substation enclosures for the protection of HV indoor switchgear up to 33kV and associated control and domestic equipment.



  • Power Generation - Our Portable Relay Room designs are used on HVDC interconnectors and HV Substations. We provide control and switchgear housings to support gas turbine and generator projects.
  • Power DNO - Our designs meet the specifications for the UK and Ireland Distribution Network Operators (DNO), protecting equipment such as switchgear and control systems.
  • Power Industrial - Our design and engineering teams can offer support and guidance with the flexibility to provide the best modular equipment housing solution for your business whether it is switchgear, back-up power, controls or rotating equipment buildings.
  • Power Nuclear - The nuclear industry requires a high level of quality assurance and a collaborative approach from all tiers of suppliers. Our project teams are proud to provide the nuclear Industry with the best design, quality and service in the sector.

Oil & Gas

The standard Severstor design offers a robust building that can be fire rated, blast rated and suitable for zoned hazardous areas. We provide paint systems to suit marine and coastal locations. With the capability to provide complex HVAC systems alongside fire and gas detection, we can provide the complete package to protect all of your critical equipment.

Data Centre

Severstor provide data centre housings that provide power and power -back-up, such as UPS and Generator enclosures. We provide solutions to Hyperscale and edge data centres. We work closely with a leading data centre design and build specialist to provide a turn-key solution. To protect vital equipment, we can offer LPS 1175 SR4 security rating for both the building and doors.


We can provide a number of housings to the renewables sector, including offshore wind farm substation and switchgear housings and containers.

Battery Storage

Containers and frequency control containers.


We provide an option to convert ISO Containers. We can also offer LPS 1175 up to SR4 security rating.

Severfield’s Skid & Lid Modular Solution

Simultaneous Construction

Severfield’s Skid & Lid solution offers a streamlined approach to equipment installation by allowing the skid and lid to be constructed simultaneously, even at different locations. This is particularly useful for panel builders who wish to assemble and test their switchgear on the skid while Severfield fabricates the Lid.

Comprehensive Lid Design

The lid is designed to be fully equipped with air conditioning, lighting, fire detection, fire suppression, and door access control. Once completed, it can be seamlessly integrated with the pre-loaded skid.

Efficiency and Integration

This fully integrated module eliminates the need for retesting, as the equipment, such as medium or low voltage switchgear, can remain securely on the skid without requiring disassembly and reassembly. The parallel production and the fact that the equipment doesn't need to be retested can help reduce the total production time and costs significantly.

Skid Lid Solution


We conduct regular internal audits on our processes and investigate any non-conformance, including incidents and near misses, so we can drive the health and safety culture of our business forward. Our manufacturing facility for our modular housing units complies with the high standards of health and safety requirements set at group level across Severfield and due to the vast majority of our work being carried out at our facility, there are less personnel on site, reducing the risk of accidents.


The off site manufacture and construction of the units minimses the impact to the environment surrounding a construction site, with less heavy vehicles and machinery required on site.

Construction sites can cause disruption to neighbouring communities, with vehicles travelling to and from site - causing not only increased noise and air pollution but also potentially contributing to congested traffic and delays; by using offsite construction a planned delivery time and date can reduce the issues especially in urban areas.

Our ability to offer full manufacturing enables us to calculate material requirements more accurately, resulting in minimal waste.

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