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What is it?

Creating better ways to build, for a world of changing demands.

The Severfield Way is our internal framework that's got it all, from our set of company values and behaviours to our long-standing purpose, designed to harness the skills and expertise of our people.

We took a deep dive into understanding what we do as a business – not just how we do it, but why we do it, who we do it for, and if we can or should be doing it any better. We asked our clients and colleagues what they think we do well, and what they see as the driving forces behind Severfield, as well as what is important to them. The result… The Severfield Way!

Severfield values and purpose AR24 Recovered

Our purpose

Every business or organisation has a purpose – a reason that it exists and what it is there for that sits at the heart of everything we do. At Severfield, we have a very clear one:

“Creating better ways to build, for a world of changing demands.”

We’re passionate about building long-term relationships with our clients, and by having this clear purpose, we want our clients to feel confident in our ability to deliver great results.

Our values and behaviours

Values are things we believe in, and what we stand for as an organisation. They are the principles that guide us, and we can use them to think about how we are doing our work - are we living up to our values, and if not, what can we be doing differently so that we are?

From pre-construction through to completion of each one of our projects, and in everything Severfield does as an organisation, we aim to live and breathe our values. They will help us deliver on our purpose, and they reflect our commitment to integrity, collaboration, and excellence everything we do.

We set the bar high

Our passion drives us to go above and beyond expectations. As experts in our field, we are focused on staying on track, maintaining a positive approach, and developing our own knowledge. Continually raising the reputation of our teams and the work that they produce comes from always challenging ourselves to do more, having an unwavering commitment to deliver industry leading projects, and always taking the utmost pride in our work.

We set the bar high

We are in it together

Everyone at Severfield understands that we are part of one team. By working together and recognising that we all have unique, valuable contributions, we can achieve great things. This isn’t just about sharing in everyone’s successes – it’s about creating better links between all departments and locations, making people feel supported and empowered by their colleagues, and encouraging a collaborative approach across the Group.

We're in it together

We find better ways

We are always looking for opportunities to improve.By always being open to change and taking best practice from other colleagues and the wider industry, we can make sure that we are adaptable in a world of changing demands. Whether this is developing a procedure following lessons learned, exploring different innovative ideas put forward by colleagues, or adopting brand new ways of working, we push the boundaries of what we do.

We find better ways

We do the right thing

Our focus is on what’s best for each other, our business, our clients, and our communities.As market leaders we are passionate about what we do. Whether it’s leading the way in industry safety standards or sustainable practices, always having open and honest communication with each other, or speaking up if we make a mistake, we always do the right thing.

We do the right thing