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Bulk handling systems

Our range of material handling products are here to provide our clients with high quality, efficient and economical solutions for their handling and processing requirements.

We have a growing product range which includes both the Rotoflo silo discharge units and our bin activators.

Our team of industry experts have many years' of experience, and their extensive knowledge on our products means that they are in a position to recommend and provide the correct material handling solution to suit each customers' needs.

We are happy to discuss any application you may have and can if required visit you to asses projects you are considering or existing problems you may have.

Further information can be found below on our material(s) handling products; Rotoflo and bin activators.


Rotoflo is a very well-established discharge system representing a major advance in materials handling technology. It provides highly efficient, reliable and controlled discharge of bulk powder and granular materials from silos.

Bin activators

Our bin activators aid the flow and discharge of granular and powdered products from silos and hoppers.


Siloflo provides a solution with low operational and maintenance costs and as the aeration pads are externally mounted, they can be easily retrofitted to existing silos, hoppers, and bins.

Pressure Relief Valve

Severfield PRV350 combined pressure and vacuum relief valve is primarily designed for protection of silos from damaging over and under pressures encountered during filling and emptying.