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Dec 22, 2021

Severfield business now key player in the production of Severstor equipment housing modules and Rotoflo silo discharge units

Our Severfield (Products & Processing) Ltd business unit has placed extensive investment and development into our product ranges and processing offerings.

Based in Sherburn near Malton in North Yorkshire, Severfield (Products & Processing) Ltd (SPP) is unique to the other business units within the Severfield Group as it specialises in developing new product lines using modern manufacturing methods that complement the traditional processing, fabrication, and welding expertise that the other Severfield companies have.

These product lines include the recently developed Severstor equipment housing modules which are typically used to house critical electrical equipment in the power and rail sectors, and the patented Rotoflo silo discharge unit which is exported globally into water treatment, paint, and food manufacturing sectors.

Severfield (Products & Processing)

Severfield is a Successful Accredited Supplier to the Nuclear and Rail Industries

Since being established three years ago, SPP has invested heavily in a significant amount of intellectual property, placing key focus on product offerings to deliver premium results for a growing client base. As a result, we are now successfully accredited to supply into the nuclear and rail sectors, adhering to their demanding quality and safety standards.

Severfield (Products & Processing

With a strong order book and opportunities arising in target markets in North America and Europe, along with successful international exports to Australia and India having already taken place, it couldn’t be a better time to join Severfield (Products & Processing) Ltd.

The company also has a strong desire to recruit and retain local people to support the community and currently have numerous career opportunities available for engineers, quantity surveyors, fabricators, welders and quality control.

Severfield (Products & Processing)

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