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Aug 12, 2021

Severstor modular housing units on the move

We recently completed work on two of our Severstor modular housing units that are being provided for a project within the nuclear sector.

Once the units had been constructed within the factory facility at our Sherburn facility in North Yorkshire, they were also fully fitted out with electrical switchgear – in preparation for when they arrive on site.

These Severstor units in particular measure 16.5m x 4.6m wide, meaning they required meticulous planning when it came to the safe loading, dispatch, and transportation to site. We worked closely with WS Transportation, who manage the haulage for the majority of our steel products, and this was then undertaken by Explore Transport.

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May 05, 2022

Finding Better Ways to Build a Sustainable Future

In this article, we discuss with Clare Munster, Head of HR Delivery, and Jill Jenkins, Early Careers Manager, why they care about developing a work environment that drives equality, diversity and inclusion, to close the skills gap and attract the next generation of talent to the sector.

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