Following an intensive research and consultation project in early 2014, designed to shape our vision for the future, a number of changes took place, including the creation of a single brand approach for the business.


Severfield plc Logo

What are the company names?
From June 2014 the Group became Severfield plc (previously Severfield-Rowen plc).
Our businesses and offices around the UK were renamed to reflect this change, as follows:

• Severfield-Watson Structures Ltd became Severfield (UK) Ltd

• Fisher Engineering Ltd became Severfield (NI) Ltd

• Atlas Ward Structures Ltd became Severfield (Design & Build) Ltd

Why have you made these changes?
The research we carried out highlighted a degree of confusion in the market over our operational brands and in addition, we needed to establish a visual identity and a clear vision for the business that would support future growth.

Underlining all this activity is acknowledging that we are a modern, progressive business, with a clear vision, a strategic direction, a strong leadership team and an effective governance framework in place.

This does not mean we have forgotten our past. We would simply not be here today without the successes of Severfield-Watson Structures, Atlas Ward Structures and Fisher Engineering.

In order to remain loyal to our company history, we have reflected these company names at our sites, by creating dedicated building names – Severs House, Ward House and Fisher House.

How will this help grow the Severfield business?
We are focussed on growing our business, delivering value for our investors and in doing so, creating secure and sustainable employment. A dynamic brand, allied with a clearer business structure provides a clear direction, consistency and identity that will lift our profile above those of our competitors.

All of these developments bring improvements to our operating processes, management capacity, data management and communications.

How will these changes affect me as a client?
Although you are likely to see the results of changes to our brand online and on stationery, signage and vehicles, your daily contacts at Severfield and the way we do business together will remain unchanged.

How will your joint-venture operation in India be affected?
While our new branding and logo has been implemented as appropriate across JSW Structures Ltd (JSSL), the name will remain unchanged.

I have some feedback about the company changes / brand. How do I make contact?
Please feel free to use the website enquiry form on our Contact Us page. Thank you.