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Jun 15, 2021

DAM Structures to offer steel buy-back scheme

Severfield's DAM Structures division is offering clients the opportunity to share both the environmental and cost benefits of a steel buy-back scheme.

DAM Structures buy-back scheme

Steel by its inherent nature is endlessly recyclable with no compromise of quality. In the UK, the British Steel Construction Association (BSCA) outline that the average end-of-life recovery rate for steel buildings is 96%. This not only makes steel a useful building material but also one that clearly promotes circular economy and environmental savings.

At our DAM structures division, we work closely with our clients to offer a buy-back scheme, wherever possible, for any temporary propping that is supplied. The buy-back scheme is especially beneficial - in terms of both lowering carbon emissions and acquiring further points for our client’s green certification schemes such as BREEAM.

Throughout 2020 we have purchased 150 tonnes of steel from project sites via the buy-back scheme, of which 120 tonnes were returned to our stock for reuse. In addition to this, 387 tonnes of steel has also been reused on new contracts. This brings about carbon savings of roughly 968 tonnes (using the UK average figure for hollow sections). Our previous returned stock levels have been as high as 511 tonnes (2017).

By working alongside DAM structures, our clients can share the environmental and cost savings benefits of this buy-back scheme, whilst promoting the reuse and circularity of steel, creating a sustainable future for our businesses and the world around us.

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