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Nov 04, 2021

Major investment in construction offerings

Severfield has recently made a substantial investment of £2.48m for the purchase of four LTM1070 Liebherr mobile cranes for use in the construction of our projects.

These cranes, each with a lifting capacity of 70 tonnes, will be predominantly used on our Severfield (Design & Build) (S(D&B)) sites - as the majority of these projects require mobile cranes - rather than the tower cranes we use on projects where we are constructing in more built-up areas.

Major investment in construction offerings

Alongside this, the S(D&B) division has also enrolled 20 permanent steel erectors. Where previously we have sub-contracted much of this business unit’s construction – we will now be able to utilise the new cranes, steel erectors and trained crane drivers to construct around 20-40% of our steel on site going forward.

Major investment in construction offerings

This a huge investment for Severfield and means we are continuing to increase our skillset and offerings to our clients across the Group.

Major investment in construction offerings
Major investment in construction offerings

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