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Sep 02, 2021

Severstor and Harry Peers to attend TotalDECOM 2021

Severfield’s Severstor team and subsidiary company Harry Peers are set to exhibit at this year's TotalDECOM event on Tue, 12 Oct 2021 – Wed, 13 Oct 2021.

Total DECOM Severfeld Exhibiting

TotalDECOM is the leading decommissioning event and networking platform dedicated to cross-industry collaboration. The TotalDECOM 2021 convention will showcase the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible solutions worldwide, bringing together business leaders and decision makers, engineering and decom managers, as well as innovators, academia and policy makers, from all levels of the supply chain.

This decade will be the most crucial in the fight against climate change. With COP26 around the corner, the climate crisis is at the forefront of the global agenda and the decommissioning industry has a vital role to play.

TotalDECOM will bring together the nuclear, oil and gas, waste management, renewables defence and space sectors, who share a common goal – to efficiently decommission assets cost effectively, safely and with minimum impact to the environment.

The opportunity decommissioning presents to many existing supply chains is enormous, and many of the challenges and solutions across the sectors are remarkably similar – come to TotalDECOM 2021 to find out more!


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