Fabsec is the unrivalled market leader in the design, fabrication and supply of long span cellular and bespoke plated beams.

Fabsec is a joint venture of four major UK companies at the forefront of the UK construction industry, Severfield included.

This innovative product range and design software enables clients and their professional teams to achieve enhanced project economy, swifter construction and optimised design.

The track record of success has been achieved through a clear understanding of the engineering demands and commercial realities of structural steelwork.

This insight ensures the company will continue to lead the industry in thinking through new product development and so enabling building owners and their advisers to realise even greater levels of project performance and efficiency.

Severfield has a manufacturing capacity for FABSEC® products in excess of 30,000 tonnes per annum. We not only deliver stringent quality assurance and customer-focus, but also an innovative product range, including FABSEC® and FBEAM® beams.

Fabsec has free design software for its steel beam product range, which can design composite and non-composite plain and cellular beams that are both ambient and fire engineered.

The fire-engineering module is state-of-the-art, fusing the latest optimisation and coating technology to provide the UK’s only integrated solution for optimised fire-engineered beam designs.

Fabsec’s in-house software development department focuses on making FBEAM® as user friendly as possible for the steel designer, while offering market-leading optimised designs for cellular beams with unrivalled cell geometry and location.

The software incorporates a highly efficient Beam Wizard® optimiser, enabling designers to optimise a single beam to a whole floor or building with the click of a button. Lengthy, time consuming designs can be completed in minutes usually saving significant mass and cost.





For the ultimate in design simplicity, FBEAM® can extract all beam data directly from other design packages, such as RAM Structural System. The result is a free tool that provides the most efficient design solution in seconds.The data is automatically transferred from the software package into FBEAM® and can then be optimised for the best design. The optimum design can be transferred in moments, back into the model.

The intumescent coating is a unique and innovative product that has excellent ‘stickability’ and performance to provide fire resistance for up to two hours. The application of the coating is undertaken in selected factory locations. This takes a wet trade off-site and ensures a high level of quality control. Fabricated beams are used in many sectors of the construction industry including offices, hotels, retail parks, hospitals, car parks and warehouses.

These are purpose-made to match applied loads and designed to ensure optimum efficiency and architectural freedom.

Fabsec has a free Technical Advisory Service offering a variety of services across professional disciplines – architects, engineers, contractors and steel fabricators.