Severfield is a market leader in structural steel production. We manufacture across all four of our UK sites and are proud of our innovative product development. Our products have seen us keep pace with the requirements and demands of a rapidly evolving construction sector.

Our commitment to product development can be seen in some of the most iconic structures in the country, such as The Shard, the 2012 Olympic Stadium, the O2 Arena and Heathrow Terminal 5.

At Severfield we also manufacture FABSEC, a steel beam product and software range, which is the result of a venture between four companies, including Severfield. Between these Fabsec companies we have a combined fabrication capacity of 50,000 tonnnes and hold the position of being the primary manufacturer of long span cellular beams.  Long span steel is 100 percent recyclable and a very sustainable product.

We have also launched our own highly robust edge protection system, The Seversafe Edge Protection System, which allows for ease and simplicity of erection. Widely regarded in the industry as the ‘number one choice’ for edge protection, Seversafe is:

Environmentally friendly, as it can be reused on numerous sites

Easily transportable and stored, thanks to bespoke certified stillages

Safe for workers – a fall protection anchor point allows operatives to work safely at the perimeter of the building

A universal system used across Severfield, making training much simpler and easy to control.

For more information on Seversafe, please contact us.