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Nov 05, 2020

Severstor order secured for UK Commercial Reactor Decommissioning Project

Severfield (Products & Processing) product, Severstor, has secured another order – this time for James Fisher Nuclear Ltd.

For this order, we will be supplying James Fisher Nuclear Ltd. with five modular buildings that link together to form a Central Control Room for the Magnox Core Segmentation Project on the Winfrith nuclear site in Dorset.

Severstor order for Severfield

James Fisher Nuclear Ltd. will then be housing their equipment within this room, which will allow personnel to remotely operate and control specialist robots and tooling that will be used to segment the Winfrith reactor core and sentence it as waste for storage off-Site. The SGHWR reactor is planned to be the first commercial reactor to be fully decommissioned in the UK.

About Severstor

Severstor units are robust, steel framed modules that house crucial systems technology and can be supplied to a wide range of main contractors and end users.

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