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BRS2 Distribution Centre,

BRS2 Swindon 1

When is a warehouse, not just a warehouse? When it covers an impressive 600,000 square feet on the ground floor; that’s the case with BRS2 in Swindon, a historic build for a major developer.

The third of its kind for us of this scale, this project allows us to tackle a challenge and leave a legacy in crucial infrastructure for the logistics and warehousing markets.

Main Contractor
Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd
EIR Engineering
Ashton Smith

This warehouse is positioned on a site covering a staggering 2.32 million square foot in Swindon. Above the enormous ground floor, the building has three mezzanine levels, each measuring more than 500,000 square feet.

BRS2 Swindon 2

Our team was brought in to deliver the design, connection design, fabrication and construction on site for the 12,500 tonnes of steelwork - as well as supplying and fixing the metal decking, handrails, stairs and precast concrete.

This is an exciting project that now plays a key role in job provision within the local area, employing around 2,000 people.